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La Mejorana.

Discover our environment

You can go to the town and visit some fortifications of Arabic origin of the 10th century, the “Parroquia de la Encarnación” (parish church) of the 16th century, the “Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Aurora” (church) of the 17th century, the “Iglesia de San Juan” (Saint John’s church), the museum and the “Fabrica de Mantas” (blanket factory).

There are a lot of different activities which can be practiced in Grazalema, named as “Reserva de la Biosfera” (biosphere reserve) in 1.987, and “Primer Parque Natural de la Junta de Andalucía” (Andalusian Committee First Nature Reserve); it offers a great number of paths and tracks of different levels of difficulty. You will find some documents and information about every route in “La Mejorana”.


with such interesting routes like “El Pinsapar”, “Los Llanos del Revés”, “la Garganta Verde” (the green gorge)... Spectacular routes for trekking lovers,


“Sima del Republicano” (the republican’s deep fissure), “Cueva del Berrueco” (cave), “Cueva del Gato” (cave of the cat)...


All of these “risky” activities can be realized with specialized companies and high-qualified instructors. We can contact you with them in “La Mejorana”, of course.

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